Seattle Neil Kelly Commercial: “Yodel”

What’s home remodeling have to do with yodeling? Watch the video and discover the answer.

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Top Five Home Product Trends for 2014

Let the designers talk about the hottest colors, textures, and theories for 2014 home design trends. We’re going to talk about the cool stuff: The funky new products, gadgets, and goodies that we predict will be showing up in your home.  With much fanfare, and maybe a glass of wine, here are the top five… > Read more

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Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Your Home

We guilt trip ourselves to eat less, exercise more, and generally be a better person when the New Year rolls around, but what kind of life-altering pacts do we make for our homes?  From ripping out walls to installing a new doorbell, here’s a list of the most common changes home owners make to ring… > Read more

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