Furniture Design: “Now THAT’S a Conference Table!”

Furniture design is an art form.  And thanks to the Neil Kelly Cabinet Company, a group of health care professionals in Alaska is about to get a conference table that is a work of art.  And—it’s helping the Central Oregon environment. How could a piece of furniture be one of the largest conference tables you’ve… > Read more

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Jumping For Juniper: “A Weed To Custom Cabinets”(VIDEO)

Custom cabinets made from Oregon Juniper trees are not only beautiful, but they help save the environment and the threatened Sage Grouse as well.

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Green Cabinets: A Healthy Choice

It’s no secret that the addition of safe, green cabinets has been an increasingly popular topic for many considering kitchen remodeling projects.  A growing number of consumers want to know what goes into the products going into their homes. “You’ve had people interested in green cabinets who are chemically sensitive and you have those who have… > Read more

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