“Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!”

You guessed it: Neil Kelly’s “Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!” event is all about…bathrooms! Okay, kidding–it’s about kitchens.

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Solar Power Sun-flower

When you think of solar power you probably envision solar panels on the roof. But that’s not the only place you can grow solar, as this video proves.

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Mid-Century Modern Windows

Kim Herman lives in a house of windows: 36 drafty, unframed single panes in just 1,150-square feet. It’s a home inspired by mid-century California architectural icon and developer Joseph Eichler, whose style was typified by floor-to-ceiling windows to “bring the outside in.” But what’s perfect for a California climate isn’t as comfortable for Seattle’s cold, rainy… > Read more

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Solar Panel Strength–VIDEO

Check out this amazing video from Solar World. We buy our panels locally…and they’re tough little guys!

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Green Cabinets: A Healthy Choice

It’s no secret that the addition of safe, green cabinets has been an increasingly popular topic for many considering kitchen remodeling projects.  A growing number of consumers want to know what goes into the products going into their homes. “You’ve had people interested in green cabinets who are chemically sensitive and you have those who have… > Read more

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