Kitchen Remodeling, White Cabinets Photo - Neil Kelly

Bring Your Vision to Life.

Considering remodeling your kitchen? Looking for kitchen design ideas? Our award-winning design team can help bring your vision to life, utilitizing today’s design trends and space savers. We can create the kitchen of your dreams—on time and on budget. You can greatly reduce guess work in this decision-making process by first evaluating your needs. Start to look closely at how you and your family use the kitchen. Note traffic patterns and how accessible the important features in your kitchen are to all family members. This will help you determine which level of remodeling project you are interested in, and will allow us to create a beautifully functional and transitional space.

What is the price range of the project you are considering? What is your immediate return on investment? Click here to read the 2014 Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report.

Level 1: Cosmetic Kitchen
$20 – $60K

Update visible surfaces and maintaining the plan “as-is.” In this example:
  • new quartz counters and backsplash
  • new sink, faucet and hardware
  • refinished cabinets and flooring
Kitchen Remodeling, Cosmetic Before Image - Neil Kelly
Kitchen Remodeling, Cosmetic After Image - Neil Kelly

Level 2: Pull & Replace
$50 – $100K

A fresh design. In this example:
  • floor plan did not change
  • new décor cabinets
  • new counters
  • new plumbing fixtures
Cabinets, Pull & Replace Before Picture - Neil Kelly
Cabinets, Pull & Replace After Photo - Neil Kelly

Level 3: Custom Kitchen
$75 – $175K+

Replacing everything and redesigning your space. In this design:
  • removed walls
  • relocated appliances
  • neil kelly cabinets
  • quartz & custom glass countertop
  • bamboo floors
  • scraped popcorn ceilings
  • lighting